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Our Projects

The ministry among the hearing impaired people has many requirement for which we are looking upon the face of the Lord. We would love you to partner with us in prayers and with open hands as the Lord leads you. 

Some of the very basic requirements 

1. A Sign language Bible 

A hearing impaired person do not understand much even though they can read and so they are also pulled away by many wrong teachings.Reading the Bible is possible to most of the hearing impaired people, as most of them have english as their first language in schools, but there is a bigger reality that we need to understand, “ A HEARING IMPAIRED PERSON CANNOT LEARN ENGLISH, AS IT REQUIRES AN ABILITY TO HEAR SOME SOUNDS TO MAKE THE RIGHT USAGE ”Eg We do not say, A hour even though the first letter “H” of the word hour is a consonant, but we say An hour because the “H” is silent . Also, in a normal sentence,the subject always stands before the object.Eg – Give me some water, But to a hearing impaired person , the object always stands before the subject. They say it as “ Water Give me” Therefore the total format of the English grammar is just the opposite way to a hearing impaired person which makes it difficult for a hearing person to understand the meaning of the sentences in the Holy Bible and any other articles too.  

This brings in a greater need to introduce the sign language Bible, since they possess a greater skills to listening than to reading. But this requires a great deal of time, money and effort to train and make it happen. As this is a real tough job, and as it can never be repeated, the work done should be shooted, word by word with a high definition video camera. The ultimate fulfillment of this vision can happen when this recordings can be put in a device that will have the capacity to hold the recorded Old testament and the New Testament, preferably into their mobiles or Tabs so that they can use it as an app and carry it with them wherever they go. 

2. Requirements for our own Church premises :

In the earlier times of this ministry, we had a vision to invest all our money on the work of the Lord than on any infra-structure. Even though we have spread to 8 states of India, with 34 churches among the hearing impaired people, we do not own any land and buildings for worship. But the current situations of India does not seem wise to move in this manner as the doors to the gospel are hindered here and there without even proper reasons. Even though the government is brought in by God, it is the duty of the church to be wise as snakes and yetinnocent as doves. So we are very much desiring in the Lord, and earnestly asking your prayers and support to do as the Lord leads you. We are in need of 34 lands and buildings. We know, it is pretty unimaginable to calculate the cost of these projects, but we also know that , “ He that is in us is greater that he that is in this world” and that he shall provide all our needs according to his riches in glory , through Christ Jesus. We know and believe that God will raise his people to fulfill His work, even among the hearing impaired people. We pray that God will bless you and fulfill all your hearts dreams and desires when you care about his work. Be blessed in Jesus name